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Website Design in Lake Charles, LA
Customer Service
"Our Goal is To Serve Our Customers"
A company is only as good as the customer service that they provide their clients. We strive to provide excellent customer service at all times. Testimonials are considered a true measure of a company's integrity. The following unsolicited testimonials were submitted by some of our satisfied customers. It would be impossible to ask for better endorsements of our company. We would like to thank these individuals for their recommendations.
Website Design in Lake Charles, LA
"Great Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers"
The websites that Ray created for my business are directly responsible for my company's growth. He has always provided me with marketing tools that have helped to increase the profitability of my business.

From: Brad Buller, Lake Charles, LA

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Links to Websites: Landscaping and Irrigation Systems
I appreciate the quality of work that Ray has provided to help my business succeed. His knowledge in website design and in business advertisement is quite impressive. I am now easily visible on the internet and my website looks professional and is simple to use and navigate. Thank you Ray for all of your help and for just being a great human being that cares!

From: Chad Rodriquez, Moss Bluff, LA

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Link to Website: Life Insurance
Over 90% of our current business comes directly from our website that was created by the Lake Charles Index. Many of our customers have told us that our website was easy to find on the internet when they searched for an electrician in Lake Charles. Our website is a great advertising tool and the owner is always available to help us when needed.

From: David Douglas, Lake Charles, LA

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The Lake Charles Index allows me to promote my company on my website in the same professional manner that my customers expect from me. The pricing is extremely reasonable compared to the product received. Ray ensures that my company consistently comes up on the first page during searches on the web for the service that I provide. Search for yourself and see.

From: Rick Davis, Moss Bluff, LA

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Link to Website: Stump Grinding
Ray Zimmerman has done a fantastic job of making sure we connect with customers! Anyone searching for estate liquidators or appraisers is certain to see our company info and website thanks to his skills. We have first page visibility on most all the major search engines and that Is extremely important for us because we deal with out of town clients who have no local insight. Online searches lead straight to us and that makes all the difference. We are extremely happy with the service and the value we receive from his company!

From: Dawn Racca, Westlake, LA

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Link to Website: Estate Sales
Being a small business owner in SWLA, I could not afford to spend thousands of dollars in advertising to build my business. I have had to rely on referrals and a lot of hard work to get started. Thanks for the fabulous job that you did on my website. Of course, I cannot take credit for it, since you did all of the work! I tell people about your service every chance that I get and will continue to do so. This is, by far, the best advertising available, and the price cannot be beat!!!

From: Denise Prunty, Moss Bluff, LA

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Link to Website: Essential Oils
I have received excellent response from the website that was built for me by the Lake Charles Index. It has increased my business a great deal. It was a good business decision to get this service. Itís well-built and a very effective website. Thank you Ray

From: Trent McKee, Lake Charles, LA

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Link to Website: Lawn Care
I've been trying to get my business on the first page of Google since 2008 ahead of the competition without spending thousands of dollars per year. The Lake Charles Index made that possible within a week. This is a wonderful tool. Finally a local company you can touch and trust. They have gone the extra mile and continue to follow up and make suggestions to help my business advertising.

From: Ken Francis, Lake Charles, LA

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Link to Website: Janitorial Service
I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you provided while creating my website. I have already secured several great leads from my website during this past week. I can't believe that this website was going to be so productive. I personally recommend The Lake Charles Index to anyone that is in business for themselves. You can't beat the rates charged for websites that are listed on Google's first page.

From: John Anderson, Lake Charles, LA

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Link to Website: Home Loans
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