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Website Design in Lake Charles, LA
"Special Website Design"
A website that is found on the first page of the search results is considered to be an extremely valuable asset for a business. It is tremendously expensive to advertise at the top of the first page on Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is simply out of the reach of smaller businesses because of the enormous amount of expense involved. Until recently, there hasn't been an affordable solution... but, now I have one to offer that's inexpensive and effective!

People no longer use the phone book as their main source for business information. They are using their tablets, notebooks, smart phones, lap-tops and their desk-top computers to search for almost everything that they need. We are now in the digital age and if you want to make sure that your company keeps its profitability intact, you have no other choice but to advertise on the internet. With the economy as it is, a well-designed website would provide you with an advantage over your competition.

It has been documented that approximately 90% of consumers are searching on the internet for business information. If you don't have a properly designed website on the internet that is listed on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo... you are simply going to miss out on your share of new business.

When I design a website for your company, I will make sure that it gets listed on the first page of the search results on either Google, Bing or Yahoo... or possibly all three. I know how to create a website that will convert visitors to new customers, which in turn, will generate additional revenue for your company.
This is what you'll receive when I design your website...
  • There is no setup fee or hidden charges involved.

  • An Independent website for your business that is comprised of approximately 10-15 pages, which will include:

    • A Private Domain Name and Website Hosting
    • A Website that will be Optimized for First Page Results
    • List Your Services or Products that You Provide
    • Several Pages of Information Relating to Your Business
    • Complete Contact Information
    • Your Location With an Area Map
    • Email Sent Directly From Your Website
    • Optional Discount Coupons (Maximum of 2)
    • A Standard Privacy Policy
    • A Standard Website Disclaimer
    • Your Business Listed on Prominent Search Engines
    • Your Business Listed on Prominent Business Directories

  • A temporary website will be made available that will allow you to check the various stages of development.

  • You will have the final approval as to content, images and photos prior to being placed on the internet.
Lease details...
  • A lease agreement is always executed prior to the creation of an independent website.

  • I will provide your Domain Name and your Website Hosting for the length of your lease Free-of-Charge!

  • If paid on a monthly basis, free ACH processing (similar to a bank draft) will be provided for your convenience.
Website Design in Lake Charles, LA
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